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Small Mouth Sounds Judy Brooklyn College / Ann Noling
Sweat Cynthia Brooklyn College / Tara Elliot
Everything & This Nekia Theater Breaking Through Barriers / Christina Russos
I Will Be Gone Josephine Brooklyn College / Christina Russos
How We Got On Selector Azuka Theater Raelle / Myrick-Hodges
Magnus Effect Hedda Greenfield Collective / David O’Conner
Shrew! Baptista Reject Theatre / Christine Frieje
Eat Dirt Terra …& Co. Malcolm / Kenyatta
Damned Dirty Ape Blonde The Renegade Co. / Mike Durkin
Spookfish Gemma On The Rocks / Leigh Bicica
Speech & Debate Reporter/Teacher Azuka Theatre / Kevin Glaccum
Blue Secret Life… Little Girl Plays & Players / Amber Emory
Macbeth Lady McDuff (u/s) Arden Theatre Co / Alexander Burns
La Bete Madeleine Bejart (u/s) Arden Theatre Co / Emmanuelle Delpech
The Winter’s Tale Paulina Ira Brind Theatre / David Howey
Pretty Theft Waitress Ira Brind Theatre Amy / Dugas Brown
The Crucible Tituba Ira Brind Theatre / Gene Terusso

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Meet Zoe!


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»  (201) 600-7811
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For the moment, arrangements for the showcase are on hold until we have specific information about the potential to move forward. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to Chris directly, or click "contact" below and fill out our form to have Zoe reach out to you. Thank you!